Automated Editor Version history / Changelog

Future version features

To see a list of possible future features to the Automated Editor plugin go here, we allow our plugin users to vote on what goes into the plugin in the members only forum, if you want to have an input please get ultra pro!

Version 1.3

  • Improved styling
  • Added preparation functionality for future inclusion of languages
  • Fixed minor bug in log reporting
  • Fixed minor bug in import/export rules routines
  • Added import/export functionality for rules
  • Corrected link out to video documentation
  • Improved supporting messages/help
  • Added pause functionality to all schedules and granularly for schedules
  • Forced Caution message to remind of potential pitfalls

Version 1.1

  • Corrected error causing 1 minute inaccuracy in reported timings
  • Fixed spelling mistake on options page
  • Added to options page ability to see wordpress firing schedules
  • Added to options ability to operate on specific post status’s
  • Sured up regex remove
  • Added filters to schedule’s (posts with titles containing ‘string’, posts with title not containing ‘string)
  • Improved relationships database table

Version 1.0

  • Scheduling made more robust
  • Added Daily, Hourly schedules
  • Added Regex to possible rules
  • Added Change status to rules
  • Improved efficiency of code
  • Compressed CSS/JS
  • Improved comparison engine
  • Release version!

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