Whats the difference between the free and ultra-pro versions?

You can see a full chart of the differences here, but basically the free plugin is limited to 3 rules and 1 schedule and ultra-pro is the bee’s knee’s – unlimited domains, unlimited rules and unlimited schedules, with free lifetime upgrades and no adverts. View full price comparison.

What versions of WordPress are supported?

Automated Editor is compatible with WordPress versions 3.0 onwards (and probably everything before that, but don’t quote us on it!)

Do you offer support or am I on my own after purchase?

Basic lifetime support is included in the price of this plugin. You can check the forums for quick answers, post a question if necessary or take on monthly support @ wpplugins, we will also provide an as and when support response to all questions posted in the forums (if our members don’t beat us too it!) or via email.

What happens when Automated Editor upgrades?

All upgrades, updates and future versions are completely free to our users! Once you have purchased Ultra-Pro you effectively get a lifetime subscription to all new plugin versions. Keep the newsletters option checked on your member panel to get notified when new versions of Automated Editor are released.

Can I move my plugin across domains/use it elsewhere?

The free plugin is free to use anywhere, but only good for 3 rules and 1 schedule, Ultra Pro is unlimited baby, so you can use it on all your domains, everywhere. The one caveat is you can’t resell it / use it on domains which you have not registered personally (did we tell you its also advert free and infinitely flexible?)

Is it easy to set up rules and how do I copy them to other blogs?

Setting up rules is a doddle, once you work out how you want Automated Editor to edit or manipulate your posts its just a case of choosing the right option and setting up a schedule. We thought it would be quite useful to be able to move between blogs and take your set of rules with you, so we have written an import/export routine into Automated Editor which makes this whole process really easy. If you have a farm of blogs which all need the same sort of editing, this is the nuts!

What are rules and schedules?

Check out our page entitled Anatomy of Automated Editor – Rules and Schedules explained, we have detailed the taxonomy we use there!

Does Automated Editor change my content or use a wordpress filter?

It changes your content, for several reasons. Firstly the alternative which most traditional ‘search and replace’ like plugins use (wordpress filters) are not so great, efficiency wise. They work by filtering the text after it is called from the database but before it is sent to the end user, adding another link into the chain and at least another run to the database, 1000 visitors a day means 1000 more calls a day (minimum, maybe 10,000) plus at least seconds if not minutes+ lost. Automated Editor works differently. At point of publish, or on scheduled intervals it will operate on your content in the background, leaving it changed and ready for serving up by wordpress, acting once using the servers time instead of tens, thousands, millions of times. Using background processing and none of your visitors time. With Automated Editor your visitors get a better response time (user experience) which will make you look better! Its also something Google also takes into consideration when it ranks your website/blog.

What specific requirements does this plugin have?

Wordpress and PHP 5. That’s it. You can see the hosts we have fully checked compatibility with on our Compatible With… page, but it should work everywhere wordpress will.

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