Future Features

Potential future features for the Automated Editor wordpress plugin:

Here you can see some of the potential future feature ideas we have for the Automated Editor plugin, we often come up with ideas that would be helpful for our use, but to make sure everyone gets what they want out of the plugin you can vote for one of these by joining us in the Members Area

  • Email notifications
  • Step through changes
  • Post backups
  • Language translations (French, Spanish, German versions)
  • More comprehensive logs
  • Auto tagging
  • Supporting article additions
  • Enhanced rule/schedule search/pagination
  • Warning/Protection against user created cascading rules, loops
  • Translation features e.g. automatic currency conversion, language translation (from matching string)
  • “Post updated” as well as “Post published” functionality
  • When creating a schedule the ability to Target by “Posts no older than” needs to have an opposite option “Posts older than”
  • Ability to add new tags on the fly
  • New rule idea: Add a comment (predefined or ??? text)
  • New rule idea: Add a rating/s (1-5 star etc. to fit with other plugins/wp)
  • New rule idea: Create category and add target post to it



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