How does Automated Editor wordpress plugin work?

Written August 6th, 2011

Lets break it down.

Automated editor will take your content and jazz it up, doing your bidding like some blog obsessed robot. It will do what you tell it too, autonomously. You train it, telling it what to do (setup rules) and when to do it (setup schedules) and then leave it to fix all of the things you are so in the habit of manually fixing. Replace strings with other strings, remove strings, (regex too), tag, move categories, append, prepend, etc. etc. etc. (full list here – the list of things Automated Editor will do for you is also always growing, we will be adding more and more!)

So its an editing robot that lives in my wordpress install?

Yes. Yes it is. So lets look a little at how you setup your shiny new robot slave…

Put most simply Automated Editor runs on two things, two inputs from you: Rules and Schedules, check out this video guide to learn the reason we use rules and schedules and see a few examples. You can read more about the workings below or here, if the video doesn’t quench your need for understanding, you can get the free or Ultra pro versions here, if you just want to get your robot already.

Video: What are Rules and Schedules and how do they work?

If you take a look at this slide from the above video screencast you will see the essence of Automated Editor. A schedule is the boss, it stands around waiting for the moment to act, it knows when work needs to be done, what the work is and where it should be done. The boss organises everything. This is a schedule. A rule then is a job, its switching ‘x’ with ‘y’, adding tag ‘z’, that sort of thing.

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