Screenshot: Example of some Automated Editor rules

Screenshot: Example of some Automated Editor Rules
Rules are the actions which are applied to all the posts which a schedule finds. In this example a few different rules are shown, the first for example uses a regex rule to remove all numbers from target posts. You can use the various options in creating a rule to make flexible operatives that will work on your content!

Screenshot: Example of creating a Rule

Screenshot: Creating a new Rule
Here you can see the first option for creating a new rule, a simple string replacement – in this instance each post that this rule is run against would have the string “eBay” replaced with a link out to eBay. This alone can be very useful functionality, which in the case of Automated Editor is entirely automated. You can also see here the useful feature of being able to replace a specific instance of a string within the post (e.g. only replace the first instance of “eBay” with a link out) – of course you can also just replace all. The options for creating a rule are as follows:

  • String replace
  • String remove
  • Regex replace
  • Regex remove
  • Prepend
  • Append
  • Add category
  • Add tag
  • Change post date
  • Change post status

In time more operative options will be added to this list, check out our future features list or hit the members area to find out more (or suggest one!)

Check out the video guide to creating a rule

Screenshot: Example Schedules

Screenshot: Example of some Automated Editor schedules
In this example screenshot of some schedules you can see a few different schedules which run a variety of rules on a variety of target posts, for example the top schedules runs 2 rules on all posts which are tagged with the tag “Favourite stuff”, it will run once a day (automatically fired by wordpress.) You may also notice the useful functionality of pausing/suspending individual schedules and indeed all schedules, this functionality was added in 1.3, allowing much more granular user control of Automated editor.

Screenshot: Example of creating a Schedule

Screenshot: Example of creating a new Automated Editor schedule
This default screenshot of creating a new schedule shows you the options available to you when you want to make a new one. A schedule is the worker, taking a rule and running it against posts that match targets defined here. See Anatomy of Ae – Rules and Schedules explained for more info, or check out the video guide to creating a schedule!

Screenshot: Rule Import and Export

Screenshot: Import / Export rules into or out of Automated Editor
The capability to import and export your Automated Editor rules is an invaluable feature, it allows you to setup rules on one blog and then take them with you to another blog. Especially useful if you run a collection of blogs that need the same editing done automatically. The options here are pretty straight forward. Check out the video guide to importing/exporting rules to see some rules exported and imported.

Screenshot: Options screen

Screenshot: Automated Editor options screen
Here you can see some of the options available to you in Automated Editor!

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